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Delivery within Sydney is available as an additional charge. Delivery fees are from $175+GST depending on Zone and quanity of items.


Contact us at one of our showrooms to confirm delivery pricing for your order.



Deliveries are done on Monday to Friday between 6am and 3pm. Runs are scheduled and communicated to customers via email and telephone call advising delivery date and approximate delivery window. Please take into account unforseen circumstances and traffic conditions. Our drivers will endeavour to notify of any delays or cancellations with as much notice as possible. All contact is made with the customer noted on the original invoice and contact details provided upon placing of the order. Please read other important notes below:

  1. Customer is not required to be on site to receive delivery. If customer wishes to be present during delivery, they must advise GEM in writing.
  2. If no one is present on site during agreed delivery, GEM drivers will assess the site and leave the items in a safest manner within the Work Cover guidelines.
  3. If during the agreed delivery no one is present on site and drivers deem the site being unsecure or unsafe to leave the items, GEM reserves the right to take the goods back to warehouse, at which point the customer will be liable for a re-delivery charge.
  4. Delivered items must be either inspected on delivery or within 24 hours if customer was not on site to receive the goods.
  5. All issues are to be reported in writing, with photographs where appropriate.
  6. Any short deliveries are also to be reported in writing.
  7. Our drivers take photographs on goods left on site.

Please note, that based on Work Cover conditions and safety regulations, our drivers are not allowed:

  • to step away more than 20 feet from the truck;
  • to take items inside the house/ dwelling;
  • to go up or down any steps or steep hills/ driveways;
  • drive on dirt road;

Deliveries are done strictly to ground level and items are carried only to the front of the property where access must be straight forward.


By arranging delivery, customer agrees with all above conditions.